Real Nappies – Cash Back Scheme

Did you know you can claim back up to £30.00 on the cost of using washable reusable nappies from Wokingham Borough Council?

The average baby needs changing around 5,000 times in its lifetime. Sadly, if you choose to use disposable nappies, this translates into 12 wheelie bins’ worth of nappies per year per baby, and eight million nappies binned across the UK per day.

Stacks of disposable diapers and modern cloth diapers together

Real nappies are nappies made from cloth. Much like the disposable versions, real nappies are made from several layers and feature a waterproof outer layer and an absorbent inner layer. Some real nappies consist of just two layers, whereas others consist of more and you can alter the layers to your exact needs. However, all come with a washable inner layer — or a biodegradable disposable one.

Real nappies often fasten in place using press studs or a hoop-and-loop fastener such as Velcro. They are made from natural materials so you can rest assured baby is safe from harmful chemicals. This also mean’s baby’s skin can breathe easier.

It is estimated that making the switch to real nappies can save you around £500 per baby, and this saving will increase if you have further children and use the same nappies for them too.

The extra laundry created by using real nappies in no way matches the environmental damage of disposable nappies.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, please click the link below which will provide you a form to fill out and return to the cleaner and greener team.

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