Greener Wokingham Live – 25th Sept

25th September 2019 7pm – 9.30pm

Our first Greener Wokingham Live event will be on the 25th September between 7pm and 9.30pm at Wokingham Town Hall.  A first of its kind event for the town which will bring together some of the leading lights of Wokingham’s ‘Green’ community to share their work and also their thoughts on what we all can do to make our town Greener. There will be 3 speakers for the first part of the evening followed by a chance a group discussion and perhaps some commitments to changes from the most willing. 

We will also be asking for you help on improving the format as we want to roll this event concept to the whole Borough and on a much bigger scale.

We also have the opportunity to shape Wokingham Borough Council’s Climate Change agenda so ideally we want to hear from community projects & focus groups to direct their thinking. Who knows what we might achieve. This is one of the exciting things about bringing lots of people who have different ideas together. 

We only have 100 spaces for this first event so it will be first come first served but, if there is enough interest we could also provide a live stream from the website and allow others online to add points to the discussion. Sign up now and lets make Wokingham Greener.

To register for a space please fill out the form on the link:


Mariana who runs Maya’s Refillables will be spending some time with us explaining what she is doing and why and also explaining what we can do to reduce plastic and improve the enviroment.

Dave Lamont who writes a weekly column for the Wokingham Paper and who runs Plastic Free Home blog and website now has over 1,000,000 views a month and growing into providing an international audience.

Heidi Strickland-Clark has been running Fast Track Fit Camp for 10 years and more recently she has added Litter Fitters and Clean Green Fit Camp with recycling for trainers.

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