Residents Ideas

Here is a list of ideas that have been taken from the Wokingham Borough Enviromental Facebook page we will try to update this as much as possible with links and solutions.

 Idea Update if available
1Increase adoption of food waste bins
2Separate waste bins for glass, card, tins etc
Recycle plant pots, polystyrene, plastic film, carrier bags, food wrappers, bubble wrap at recycling centres
4Get all barbed wire removed from WBC land
Local businesses to allow access to their drinking water taps to enable refilling of reusable water bottles in towns
7 Refill Stations in Wokingham Town so far: Ship Inn / Costa Coffee Town / Greggs /
Sedero Lounge / Giggling Spring /
The Gig House / Costa Coffee Tesco. 17 Refill Stations in Wokingham Borough.
6More electric car charging points
Presumption of installation of additional electric car charging points on all new builds and regeneration projects
8Retrofit lamp posts to include electric car charging points
Solar panels included into planning rules, providing sourcing/production is not hughely carbon generating
10WBC Zero waste shop with low rent and business rates
11Compostable food bags in supermarkets
12Smart meters in all houses
13Switch to LED light bulbs in all public buildings
Local plastic waste recycling voucher scheme (money off gym membership perhaps, or other council run activities)
15Local bag for life scheme
16Council reduce paper communications (council tax bills, garage rents, paper questionnaires)
17Cycle Paths
18Encourage reduced consumption
19Reduce waste to landfill
20Reminder leaflet on the benefits of food waste recycling
Join up the nature reserve island at Lodden Park with Whistler Mill Lane and the Bridle Path to make a cycle route to Twyford
22Converts WBC vehicles to Electric
23More clothing recycling
24Shower for less time
25Only full loads of washing
26Not running taps when not using the water
27Water collection and reuse
28Toy library for recycling unwanted kids toys
29More frequent bus service
30Wokingham Re-useable veg bags
31Furniture recycling at Age COncern Winnersh
32Carbon Cutting Workshops for all residents
33Get WBC Single Use plastic free like the UN
34Remove plastic cup waster dispensers
35Reduce WBC Paper use / switch to recycled paper
36Wild flower grass verges
37Identifyareas for and then plant community gardens
38Roof gardens and roof top green areas
39Recycling grey water - at homes and public buildings
More stringent building regulations with targets for zero carbon new homes and carbon reductions for existing homes
41More tree planting
42Fit all schools with solar panels and other energy generation means
43Wash clothes at 30 degrees
44Council Pledge to go plastic free
45Investigate the use of dissolvable plastic bags
46Flat pack Ikea Homes
47Utilise re3 Compost
48Increase adoption of Food waste scheme
49Ban the use of slug pellets
50Build roads using recycled plastic bottle produced glues
51Expand the Green Tree Schools Award scheme to all WBC schools
Solar Panels on WBC buildings
Cllr Gregor Murray announces solar panels schools.
53Reduce the speed limits on dual carriageways and Motorways from 70 mph to 60 mph
Reduce the speed limits on single carriagway roads and from 60 to 50 mph. Motorways are the highest contributor to CO2 in the Borough.
Wokingham may not have the power to do this but could apply pressure to whoever is in control.
55Reduce speeds on some large residential roads from 40 mph to 30 mph
56Encourage the use of public transport
Provide a clear guidance to residents about how to switch to alternative energy supplies such as solar panels and heat pumps.
Grants are available in some cases but the sector appears to be difficult to navigate.
58Public water fountains/dog fountains
Safe, designated cycle provision, not the mealy mouthed lip service currently (see A4 in Newbury for an example)
60Bicycle maintenance stations (pumps, common tools etc) dotted about popular routes
61Packing benches in supermarkets to allow customers to remove the waste there and then
62Offer community skips on designated days to reduce fly tipping